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Jungle Quest
By Solar Soft
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #100


In the steamy African jungle you are Jungle Jim - a hunky Tarzan-like figure - out to rescue the beautiful Jane. Local cannibals want to cook Jane Sunday lunch, and our hero must stop this villainy.

There are five screens. In the first stage, Jim is on the run. He races through the jungle undergrowth with a lion roaring close behind, snapping at his loincloth. The adrenalin level leaps when unfriendly tribesman hurl blue spears (very difficult to see) which Jim can only duck or leap. Unfortunately for our hero, the lion doesn't seem to be affected by the spears. After overcoming these trivial difficulties, Jim swings over a swamp infested with man-eating plants and hungry lions.

The third stage can be found in any Tarzan film. Armed only with a dagger, the fearless rescuer swims a river replete with evil-looking crocodiles and that's no easy feat. I only wish Jungle Jim could yell and beat his chest.

Now, if you've got any of your three lives left, you guide Jim as he climbs the mountain - dodging falling rocks with each step.

On the final screen, Jim rescues Jane as she dangles over the witch doctor's cooking pot.

The graphics are good, but the animation could be better. The tune which accompanies the action sequences - The Rivers of Babylon - is great at first, but soon wears a bit thin. Jungle Quest is fun, but I doubt if I'd miss my favourite television programme to play it.

Tom Hussey