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High Noon
By Ocean
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #084


"Deoo not fawsake me, oh mah dahlin'!" So burbles the theme of this Wild West game tune.

Out from the jail house and down into the centre of main street moseys the sheriff. The town is quiet - almost too quiet. On cue, strangers hit town - some making for the bank, others heading for Saucy Sal's saloon. These ornery critters have trouble on their minds and start blasting.

The sheriff (Yep, that's you, pardner) lets them have it with his six guns. As soon as one of the gang bites the dust, Riga Mortis, the undertaker scampers out and drags the body away. The gang are interested in two things - dames and dough. When a robber emerges from the bank, he is clutching a bag of gold.

High Noon

Those making it as far as Saucy Sal's try to kidnap the barroom floozies.

If you manage to stop one gang, a meaner bunch hits town. Some arrive on horseback and some come armed with dynamite. Should you prove too fast on the draw for this lot, the game promises a final showdown with the outlaws in the hideout.

The idea is good but there's not enough in the game to keep you glued to your saddle in front of the screen. All you do is move and fire, move and fire. It all becomes a mite boring after the initial novelty. Given the C64's sound capability, the gunfire should have crackled, the bullets whining and ricocheting. Instead, all the guns sound like naff cap pistols.

The animation of the cowboys is neat and there are some novel features while the game loads. A clock and block count-down stays on screen and you're treated to "A policeman's lot is not a happy one".

Not bad but High Noon is not one of Ocean's more addictive offerings.

Bob Chappell

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