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Front Line
By Interceptor Micros
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #102


Taking the hot seat in this tank may be tricky, but it's not that realistic. You drive a heavily armoured Death Tank round an enemy-occupied island collecting vital supplies and avoiding unfriendly enemy attention. There are land mines, artillery batteries, enemy tanks, jet fighters, heavy bombers and helicopters with homing missiles and some mysterious fireballs. Your tank's armour survives eight hits and each supply dump visited lets you make sufficient repairs to survive one more.

Pressing fire launches a shell in whichever direction you face, and releasing the button explodes the shell.

As well as points for a hit, each supply dump retrieved brings you a bonus. The aeroplanes fly in straight lines, making easy targets, but the helicopters wheel about.

The screen depicts an aerial view of a section of an island with your tank in the centre. Move the joystick, and the island background scrolls smoothly in any of eight directions. The graphics are flat but acceptable, with some excellent effects: several sorts of explosion, whistling bombs, whining shells and clouds of smoke. The island is wooded, with deep inlets and rivers.

Not bad, but more attention could have been paid to achieving a more realistic effect.

Bryan SkinnerTony Lydeard

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