Personal Computer News

By Mirrorsoft
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #088


It's tempting fate to bring out a program called Catastrophes but that's what Mirrorsoft has done.

The aim of the game is to erect a larger hotel than your opponent, the computer, or another player. You each control your own helicopter with which you transport bricks from a barge to your island building. Pressing the fire button on your joystick picks up or releases a brick.

Your barge chugs back and forth fetching one brick at a time. The helicopter has to be positioned precisely over the barge in order to pick up the brick.


Once it has it, the helicopter is flown across to the island where it must be manoeuvred into position before dropping the brick. Inaccurate positioning has the brick falling. To enliven things there are a variety of catastrophes that can occur.

A low-flying plane can result in a collision with the loss of one of your five helicopters; earthquakes may bring some of your building tumbling down, as will electrical storms.

Hurricanes make it difficult to position your 'copter which gets blown about in the teeth of the gale - your building suffers from the battering of the storm, too.


The game has attractive graphics - the scene shows not only the two island hotels but a lighthouse, cliffs, sea and sky. The sun moves across the heavens denoting the passage of time.

The helicopters respond well to joystick movement and are pleasingly animated. Sound, too, is used effectively, though the theme tune gets wearing after a time.

The trouble is, the game concept is too simple, and lacks variety of challenge. It's fun to play at first, but I doubt you'll find it addictive. More suited to younger players, I'd say.

Bob Chappell

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