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Cadcam Warrior
By Taskset
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #099


Here's another of those long-winded action exploration games with thousands of different screens - in this case 8,192. However, this one does at least have a couple of novel and attractive touches.

The accompanying scenario puts you up against an innovative but faulty design machine being exhibited at an industry show. CAD/CAM stands for computer-aided deisng and computer-aided manufacture.

The machine's first demonstration is to design and produce a simple chair - instead of which it comes up with a flat metal plate with drilled mounting holes. Your task is to use the small white droid incarcerated in the system to find and repair the memory bank containing the "human needs" factor.

Each of Cadcam Warrior's screens shows a shiny three-dimensional plate design which also has a dark underside. By jumping through the drill holes your droid can battle on both sides of each plate. Naturally, on the underside your droid seems to hang upside down, making the perspective extra troublesome.

Once you've got the hang of zapping your adversaries - a variety of flat and three-dimensional shapes, rivets, fireballs and so on - you'll find that progress requires quite a lot of thought.

Shooting everything ins ight is enough to get through phase one, but following screens set other tasks, such as collecting objects. You'll need to crack the colour code of each plate to understand the rules for clearing that screen.

When you've finished a screen there is a choice of directions. To make good progress you'll have to find access to information about the required passwords and conditions of entry to certain areas. You'll also have to make a map. It's not necessary to work through all 3,192 screens to reach the final challenge, but you'll need a lot of grey matter to take the right short cuts from plate to plate.

Two misgivings. The computer industry story which sets the scene is likely to turn off as many people as it will charm - and the perspective graphics mean that trying to zap things can be more difficult that you might expect.

Nevertheless, Cadcam Warrior is a likeable enough game and sufficiently different from the crowd to be worth playing.

Bob ChappellNigel Lowry

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