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3D Skramble
By Livewire
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer News #101


Live Wire is perhaps best known for bringing us the first three-dimensional Frogger. Its latest all-action arcade game is a similar blend of the old and the new.

Skramble, where you pilot a fighter craft through a series of tortuous subterranean tunnels, has been around for some time. Live Wire has now placed it in a 3D setting.

As with other games from this company, the presentation, graphics and use of sound are all first rate. There are options for a one or two-player game and a daunting ten levels of skill to choose from. There's also a music suppression and a freeze-game facility.

3D Skramble

Your space craft must fly through six battle stages, each a long diagonally scrolling screen filled with ground-to-air-missiles and fuel dumps. Yes, you still have to bomb the dumps to replenish your fuel supply.

If you survive the missiles and don't crash, you'll face flying saucers and the dreaded fireballs, before reaching your target, the power complex. Points are scored for knocking out ground or airborne rockets, astrobases, fuel dumps and flying saucers, with an extra life (you have three to start) at 10,000 points.

Getting used to the extra dimension takes a little practice. Your craft can bank left and right, elevate and descend. Bombs and rockets are fired simultaneously by pressing the fire button.

The game plays furiously and offers a thumping good challenge. I loved every minute of it - but then I'm a Skramble addict.

Bob Chappell

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