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By Software Projects
BBC Model B

Published in Personal Computer News #095


A maze by any other name... But, when Spectrum and C64 games are expanding into thousands of screens, it should at least be interesting to play one on the Beeb with 80. But with the limited memory available, what are the chances of an effective maze game? If Ewgeebez is the best attempt, not very high.

You play the part of Zelob the Melkon (whatever happened to John the Journalist or Roy the Dynorod Man?) who has foolishly got himself stuck in the space station of the title. As is the way with such artefacts, the station consists of a maze of little passages inhabited by various stationary nasties, as well as aliens from the neighbouring planet, who beam in on the chance of a good bust up.

There is one ray of hope (sic) however. If you can retrieve the twelve power crystals and find the teleport before being split into your constituent atoms, you can escape.


The whole epic is shot in Mode 1, meaning that it's a little short of colour, but Matthew Newman has made the most of what's there by mixing them to produce various patterns.

There are three types of aliens - the bent VHF aerial, the Software Projects logo and the gnashing teeth - and they appear in increasing numbers and are lethal to the touch. They don't shoot at you though, unlike the larger hostiles which send bolts bouncing around the corridors or extend long beams from their extremities.

The concept is not new, and although everything happens at a reasonable speed, there is neither the variety nor the challenge to keep you going.

Simon Williams

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