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Bruce Lee
By U. S. Gold
Atari 400

Published in Personal Computer News #070

Chop Socky

Chop Socky

Hayahhh! Taiii! Weeargh! These and other warlike sounds pour forth when you submerge yourself in the role that this all-action game provides. With Bruce Lee, you'll become the highest kicking, fastest punching, meanest exponent of the martial arts this side of Japan.


Bruce must search twenty chambers for the Wizard, collecting Chinese lanterns en route. Trying to stop Bruce by beating his brains out with a stick is the Ninja.

In Play

Stripped to the waist and ready for action, a bronze-torsoed, black-trousered Bruce starts in an oriental, open roofed chamber. Lanterns adorn the structure - Bruce must collect them as his passport to the next room. Having the athletic ability that doesn't always go with such a macho appearance. Bruce can run, spring, climb and long-jump his way around the building to reach the lamps.

Before you can say "Ah so!" a menacing, black-garbed Ninja comes racing in, brandishing what the blurb technically describes as a bokken stick. It is clear he's not come to play hockey unless maybe it's with Bruce's head. This naive Ninja obviously doesn't visit the local Roxy fleapit often - if he did, he'd know that Bruce can launch balletic but brutal flying kicks, throw short punches that would stop a bull, and can duck by falling flat on his face faster than a boxer in a fixed fight.

Two on-target punches or kicks, all execute with those delicious whoosh and whipcrack sounds so beloved of martial arts films, are enough to put the Ninja out of action.

Heralded by what sounds like the mating call of a moose and looking like a Sumo wrestler gone mouldy, the Green Yammo kicks up a storm at Bruce's anatomy. Built like a Sherman tank, the Yammo needs three blows to knock him out.

The chamber's other hazards to test Bruce's mettle include moving electrical charges, streaming Pan lights and exploding t'sung-lin - they're burning bushes.

Once Bruce has found the Wizard, he must reach a button to destroy him. The Wizard isn't about to go gently - fireballs hurtle from his eyes. Should Bruce succeed, it's round again but tougher.


Great graphics and lovely slap-smack sounds, Bruce Lee fulfills its Eastern Promise.

Bob Chappell