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Freak Factory
By Firebird
Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #36

Freak Factory

My first reaction was "Oh no, not another cheapo platform game!", but this was soon to be proved hasty. The plot is rather hackneyed though, an evil professor is mass-producing menacing monsters that are in turn terrorising the galaxy. Your task is to enter the maze of underground passages and laboratories and destroy the five machines.

Your character looks suspiciously like Lofty from Eastenders, complete with a permanent sloppy grin and heavy specs, but proves surprisingly agile. After descending in the lift, you have to make your way along through passages cunningly booby-trapped, collecting energy bars. You'll need all of these as the various traps will sap your strength while you work out how to overcome them.

The labs proved to be a bit of a disappointment though, your character shrinks to miniscule proportions while he scraps with the machine attendants and dodges the nasties. I didn't manage to work out how to destroy the machines, but after dodging steam jets to drop through holes in the floors, you are ejected into the passage again!

The devious devices cunningly contrived by the mad professor take many forms. The first one you meet is a row of faces set into the passage wall, with flashing eyes. If you are caught within 'sight' of the eyes while they are shining, death is not far off! Other obstacles such as electrified bars have to be jumped over, crawled under or sneaked past.

Your character is well animated and the quality of the graphics in the passages is excellent. The labs, on the other hand, were dull in comparison, with no clear objective. A suitably forbidding tune greets you at the start of each game.

Not really my kind of game although there's not much I can complain about, but at under two quid you can't go far wrong!

Fred Reid

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