Commodore User

Fighting Warrior
By Melbourne House
Commodore 16

Published in Commodore User #41

Fighting Warrior

Melbourne House are one of the few large software houses supporting the C16. They get full marks for that but the quality of those games seems to be way behind the likes of Gremlin Graphics, Anco and increasingly the Tynesoft catalogue.

Fighting Warrior a conversion from a C64 game which disappointed many is typical of the Aussie company's output. The groans start as soon as you read the cassette inlay. "As the fighting warrior, champion of all Egypt you must use all your powers... in this arcade quest to rescue the beautiful princess". Beautiful princesses beat-'em-up. C'mon Melbourne - surely you can be a little more original.

All you have to do is walk from left to right downing the nasties with a sword as they come towards you.

Actually this isn't easy at all - as your warrior doesn't seem to respond to any of the joystick commands. I was so concerned I even tried three different joysticks. He is supposed to be able to swing the sword in various directions but this didn't happen on the versions I tried.

Graphics are impressive - but this is of little consequence in a game that is basically unplayable.

Eugene Lacey

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