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Fields Of Glory
By Powerplus
Amiga 1200

Published in Amiga Power #48

Fields Of Glory

Well, that didn't take long, did it? Reviewed by Cam in issue 44 (he gave it 61%, fact fans), for some reason (and it's not my job to speculate) this is surprisingly out on budget already.

And, after a quick discussion with Cam, because he's the one in the know when it comes to war, and some thorough play-testing, I've concluded that there's very little reason to get excited about the price cut.

Fields Of Glory is a war game. It's all about 1815. You know, Waterloo: Wellington, Napoleon, Blucher and all that. You can control all the elements you need to, and choose which side you want to 'be'.

Unfortunately, thanks to a few dodgy bits - the control system and lack of attention to detail, and a major problem with not recognising the terrain and taking it into account when processing movement orders - the game quickly degenerates into a lapsadaisical, strategical farce.

The Bottom Line

You could spend days arguing that being a budget release makes this game better value for money and as such deserves a slightly higher score than we gave it a couple of issues ago. But I don't care. I've already made my mind up.

Paul Mellerick

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