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Feasibility Experiment
By Channel 8
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #11

Feasibility Experiment

You are subject to a 'feasibility experiment', alone on an artificial world constructed by a dying alien race. Your mission is to collect a number of treasures scattered throughout a representation of Earth's history.

On the way you must overcome such obstacles as Roman guards, gladiators, lions, dragons and even the perils of an abandoned coal mine [The best games are always topical! - Ed]. It is these heroic actions that provide the essential life force from which the disembodied aliens must feed to survive.

Feasibility Experiment follows the usual "Mysterious Adventures" practice of a split-screen display with both text and graphics.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience; but if it happens that your progress does grind to a frustrating halt, Channel 8 can provide a Clue Sheet for this and all the other Adventures currently available from them.