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F-15 Strike Eagle
By Microprose
Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #18

F-15 Strike Eagle

Fifteen sovs is a tidy sum to shell out for any game, even if a 'Flight Manual' is included. The knowledge that this hi-tech, strike aircraft simulation hails from MicroProse is the sugar coating on a bitter pill.

The first half-an-hour spent in the cockpit was agonising... fumble, fumble, fumble... what's mor, the listed dual-joystick controls seem to be for the Atari. Yet after delving into the manual a few times, things began to fall into place with the result that I can happily recommend this offering to rich, flight-simulation fans.

As with every program of this type, the view from the 'window' is sketchy by arcade-game standards, but up to par.

You must deal with interceptors through seven missions and four levels of play.

There's enough complexity and depth to satisfy developing would-be fighter pilots.