Exterminator (Bubble Bus) Review | Commodore User - Everygamegoing

Commodore User

By Bubble Bus
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Commodore User #8


Another scion of Centipede, grafted onto 3.5K to produce a viable new variety. A cyan snake (alternatively worm or centipede, whatever grabs you) squirms between the yellow cacti along with an army of motley would-be miscreants. An eagle, which could have a soupcon more intelligence, hounds and distracts your rapid repeater gun which by now should be wreaking havoc amongst the desert population.

The background changes colour after a successful round of exterminating thus adding a touch of diversity. This action is adequately backed up by the sonics, with no gratuitous audio enhancements apart from an opening fanfare.

Overall, a decent rendering of a favourite game - competent graphics with compatible sound and plenty to shoot at! I liked it.