Amstrad Computer User

Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz

Author: Jim Johnson
Publisher: Audiogenic
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #79

Get your thinking caps on and prepare for some ticklish teasers.

Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz

"I know it, I know it!" come the cries, in that dulcet Merseyside squeak. Emlyn Hughes, you either love him, or you're not a Liverpool fan.

However, and regardless of which side you like your bread buttered, if you're into a bit of trivia, especially sports trivia, then the Arcade Quiz is going to be right up your street.

Load up and watch the tempting trail of fruits and question marks unravel before your very eyes. Your task, of course, is to get from one end of the trail to the other, but it's not as easy as it looks.

Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz

For starters, you've got to set your wits against the clock. Every time you get a question wrong, you lose valuable time as the screen shifts slowly but surely towards the lose line.

Get a question right, by picking the correct answer from a selection of three, and you can move on to the next square in the treasure trail.

Just like a real arcade game, you insert your credits at the beginning of each game and, hunting out the cash bonuses along the way can give a healthy advance for prolonged playing power.

Be warned, though, many of the cash prizes lurk behind very dodgy squares indeed. Watch out for the locking squares, which may well trap you in a forgotten corner, or throw you right off your trail completely.

Collecting the various fruits will also bring in extra points but they too are often well guarded along the route.

If your trivia knowledge is well up to scratch, you should find yourself flying across the screen to the finish line, with plenty of time to spare to pick up the bonus points along the way. If not, take a look at Emlyn's face at the bottom of the screen and he'll show you exactly what he thinks of your progress... painful.

With a seemingly endless quota of trails and more question blocks to replace the ones you already know off by heart, Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz is excellent in terms of entertainment value.

OK, it might not tear you from your seat like a good old shooty but, with cleverly thought out graphics and lots of hidden features, the game is superb fun and well worth challenging your friends or family to.

The only drawback with games like this though, is that you don't get money, flooding out of the bottom of the machine like the real thing. That aside, Emlyn Hughes is well worth a bash.

Jim Johnson

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