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ST Format

Edd The Duck
By Zeppelin Games
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #19

Edd The Duck

One of the least endearing aspects of BBC children's television of late has been Edd the Duck. This stupid puppet is about as much fun as sitting trouserless in a clump of nettles. However, Impulze seem to think that he must hold some allure: they've bought the licence and created a game around him.

You are said duck. Your mission (it says here) is to explore the departments of Television Centre, collecting stars along the way. Not-so-nasties such as teddy bears, fishes with shades on and bananas attempt to thwart you. Your only protection is a snowball gun.

The game bears an inexplicably uncanny resemblance to Rainbow Islands by Ocean, except that your rainbows are replaced by snowballs. Gameplay, however, is quite good and I can see this appealing to the younger ST user. Let the kids play it before you buy it.

Andrew Hutchinson

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