Commodore User

By Rabbit
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #27


Split fairly and squarely between adventure and arcade, this game is sufficiently well presented to summon up that mood of Dungeons and Dragons.

Forget any notion about this game being tailored to a low price, you even get "Hall of the Mountain King" as musical accompaniment, with no skimping on pictorial features either. Among the nasty natural phenomena that smite the unwary on every screen are spurting geysers, corrosive droplets and showers of sparks.

You start off in hall number two, with a full complement of energy, one spell and a hazy notion that someone, somewhere is guarding a coronet. Spells can be hurled to great effect in order to vapourise various sentries. However, like Sorcery, you need to collect a library of spells to overcome your various foes. I've never come across "fungata potions" before, but now I realise (Silly me!) that these are of prime importance in counteracting the narcotic effects of magic mushrooms (did someone mention Charles Goodwin?).

Eventually, you build up a picture of the geography of the underground kingdom and start to assemble the clues, in the shape of scroll fragments.

A good helping of entertainment for those itching to get lost in a labyrinth.

Laurie Sampson

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