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Amstrad Computer User

By Alligata
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #14


Doppleganger is a 'move in three dimensions type game', akin to Knightlore. It uses full colour sprites on a multicolour background and could be described as an arcade adventure.

Set in a gloomy castle, the game requires you to help The Sorceress to find the hidden ingots of precious metal. The Sorceress has an alter ego which can detach itself and pass through doors with green frames. She can only pass through doors with blue frames. Among the hazards in the castle are spiders and devils. If these attack, they reduce the amount of time remaining which is shown by an egg timer on the screen, (The cassette inlay calls it an hour-glass but it only lasts a couple of minutes).

Control is either by joystick or keyboard. I found it easier to use the keyboard, as diagonal joystick movements did not appear to be counted as valid, like pressing the wrong key. Each persona can carry one object and one key which are picked up by driving over them very precisely. They can be dropped by pressing either CTRL or SPACE. Pressing SHIFT changes from one persona to another. Collecting the keys and finding the uses for the various objects is the main point of the game. The time limit makes it a difficult game although there is a place where The Sorceress can recharge the eggtimer.

I don't know what it is about this game, but it strikes me as being a bit naff. It just doesn't sparkle. I think it may be the way the game uses its loading screen all the way through. This gives the impression there is not much to it. I don't feel I want to go on playing it, because there is nothing more to find.


3D Schizophrenia.