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By Prism
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #14


Despite appearing undeniably sellotaped to the front cover of a certain rival magazine that we'd all care not to mention (Zero, actually), Deflektor is still a rip-snorter of little game, and about as much of a give away as you could get for £2.99 without Jimmy Savile literally coming round your house and handing over a copy for free. To idea is to guide a continuous laser beam from the starting point to the finishing point of each screen by reflection and refraction via strategically-placed rotatable mirrors.

The puzzle element becomes how to - and in which order to - set the mirrors, so that cells can be zapped (which open up the receiver) whilst being snappy enough about it to avoid overloading your laser by shining it into walls, mines or back on itself.

As is ever the case, it sounds silly but ends up as great fun. A bit of a must really.

Rich Pelley

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