Dragon User


Author: The Mad Commisioner
Publisher: Maridian
Machine: Dragon 32

Published in Dragon User #044

And Now Over To You, Brian

You join us here at this splendid stadium for Daley Orbaum's first year in this Computer Decathlon contest. And he's at the keyboard. And they're off. And what a splendid event it is really is. Ten simple games, but so excellently programmed. Yes, every one of these games is what Cascade's disappointing try four years ago should have been.

And my word Orbaum's on good form today, he takes the first event without a hint of trouble, getting all the purple blobs wilh his big white blob and setting. I think, yes, yes, yes, it's a new Dragonwealth record for this event, now then, the Anagram, and oh my word, what a difficult one this really is. It's got eight letters and oh! won't it be disappointing to see Orbaum go down in this event, on which he performed so marvellously in his trials, re-arranging antidisestablishmentarianism in only six seconds and oh my word the timer has run out on him and he's failed on 'computer'.

Still, he's got the copta-landing event to go, and yes. I can see him on the launch pad, all ready to go, and he eases it gently up but he's drifting too far and, yes, I'm sure that he's failed on this too. So, three events in, his competitors have a frightening lead on him, but there's still the other seven to go tomorrow when, hopefully, we won't have so much rain for the hangman game and the spider evasion, not to mention the other five... now, back to the studio.

Thank you. David. So, to sum up, a good program for groups of friends playing together who aren't out for anything too complex, and it's quite reasonably priced, which is a relief in these days. And now, over to the main event of the day, the 'Naked Editors Wrestling in Mud' live from Little Newport Street, our on the spot commentator is Helen Armstrong, over to you Helen...

The Mad Commisioner