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Commodore User

By Starlight Software
Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #46


No longer are interplanetary disputes settled by war. Instead, disputes are settled in Deathspace.

The Vargs have chosen to ignore the Mars peace summit and have sent hundreds of fighters into the Deathspace, accompanied by several motherships. The Chief Deathscape Monitoring Officer has disclosed to you that you have been chosen to rid Deathscape of the Varg menace, equipped with the latest Cam III fighter, and that you alone can save the free worlds...

The Cam fighter is the space equivalent of a Renault 5 Turbo, small and nippy, but incredibly powerful. But because it's so small, most of its computer and navigation functions are controlled by a separate base.


But what is Deathscape, I hear you cry? Deathscape is the arena into which planets send their greatest warriors to fight to the death...

The game is split into two main sections. Section one is mainly navigation through a space tunnel while being bombarded by Varg craft. Section two is more pure shoot-'em-up than anything. After you destroy a wave of Vargs you receive a letter, as in alphabet, which you collect. Add it to your collection, and when you have a total of ten, you'll then be given your password, which in turn gives you access to the Varg mothership, which, if you still have some form of brain left, you've got to destroy.

There are several different thingies which can attack you, such as the nasty little wedge-shaped fighters, which are a right pain in the botty. K-Craft are right bummers too, as they weave back and forth to lull you into a sense of false security, before the twongs ram your ship in its nether regions.

There are loads of wicked in-game options such as auto-fire, auto-score and up-date. The cockpit display on the tunnel section is smart to, with Infiltrator-style hands which skim over the control panel in sequence with the keys you press. Some of the graphics effects are cool as well, like when the mothership appears and scares the life out of you. Not a bad shoot-'em-up really, but then...

Mark Patterson

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