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Death Star
By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #37


DeathStar is a superbly colourful and frantic gae. It has all the right ingredients to make it a classic arcade game, including speed and excellent graphics.

DeathStar is one of those annoying arcade games. You can't leave it alone, but the noise drives you insane! Why don't software companies put sound on/off options into all of their games?

The object in DeathStar is to roam the galaxy, collecting starbombs and shooting the warriors and workers. Once you have collected enough starbombs, you can set about the more difficult task of destroying the DeathStar. This is gradually made up by the workers during the game, and when complete it will come straight for you.

To kill the DeathStar, you must destroy all 20 bits without being sucked into its depths by a powerful force field. After destroying the DeathStar, you progress onto a bonus screen, then to the next, more difficult screen.

DeathStar is a genuine arcade game, and should sell well with the shoot-'em-up addicts. If you do buy it, a set of earplugs would not go amiss.

Alan Webster