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By Ocean
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #84

Hideously disfigured you, Darkman, must take on the bad guys and conquer.


Hideously disfigured you, Darkman, must take on the bad guys and conquer.

You know who did his horrible thing to you, and you know who is holding your true love hostage. The problem is, how to get to them?

Hideously disfigured in an explosion manufactured by the evil mobster Robert G. Durant, you are hell-bent on revenge, determined to do away with everyone in League with the notorious drug baron but, to do this, you must find money.


In this superb film licence, you take on the role of the Darkman, a brilliant scientist who has worked out the technology to disguise himself as whoever he pleases. To start off, you must take some mugshots of your targets to complete your disguise, before getting out to take on the bad guys.

Set over six marvelously created levels, your first task is to waylay an illicit drugs money drop in Chinatown. There's plenty of fighting afoot, and you'll need to be quick to get your hands on the dosh.

During the chaos, level two sees you trapped inside the factory, surrounded by Durant's henchmen. The only escape is up on the roof, so get climbing fast if you want to survive, Along the way, take particular care to avoid the machinery which Durant has set in motion to destroy you.


Pick up your energy pack and get going towards your laboratory across the rooftops, with Durant's heavily armed helicopter in hot pursuit.

After destroying the warehouse with a carefully timed bomb, your next task is to get a grip on the rope hanging down from the helicopter. It's your only escape from the blast, but it leads you into even greater danger as Durant lowers you down to the freeway and the oncoming traffic.

Swinging about wildly is the only way to avoid collision, so time yourself and make sure you don't get hit by a loose grenade.


Survive long enough and you may get the chance to attach the rope to the oil tanker, pulling Durant to his well-deserved death.

Your final mission in this fast-moving thriller, is to take on the henchmen of the mastermind, Strack. Take them out and you're on your way to a final confrontation with the top dog on the skyscraper roof.

Watch yourself, as the place really is teeming with henchmen. Fail, and your girlfriend is in for the chop, so get kicking and make sure you succeed.

Featuring some totally atmospheric graphics, Darkman is an absolute joy to play at all times. The scrolling is smooth and the controls are easy to master in this all out beat-'em-up of the highest order.

Following the plot of the film very closely, Darkman is certainly addictive and guaranteed to have you coming back for more.

John Taylor

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