Commodore User

Dam Busta
By Rabbit
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Commodore User #10

Dam Busta

This could have been just another game rigidly enacting a shallow plot, but real effort has been put in here. For starters, there are two screens for the convincing-looking frogman to operate in and accomplish his dam busting. In order to place his bombs he first has to harpoon and wriggle his way through a shoal of variously coloured barracuda.

Which brings him to screen two, where he slugs it out with a phalanx of pugnacious piscene guardians - at the same time avoiding depth charges dropped willy-nilly by a chopper. Assuming he had the foresight to surface and replenish his air supply, he could well place a bomb against the dam and dash back to screen one just in time for the explosion. He will need three in a row in order to pull out the plug.

No easy task, but at least the graphics are of sufficient quality not to pall during a long session. A neat, interesting game with a lot happening in 3.5K.