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Cover Girl Poker
By Emotional Pictures
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #13

Cover Girl Poker

The Case For The Sad. Well, it's a larf, innit? There's eight birds, an' four of 'em are actually animated. And when you win all of their money at poker, they take off some kit in exchange for some more dosh, right? I mean, those girls, they're all consenting adults. They don't mind flashing a bit for the lads. And the program is really slick, right? 'Cos, like, the programming's really well done - and they show everything.

And although some of the pictures are a bit unfocussed (well, to be honest, the quality is dreadful, especially on the 'moving strip sequences', but that might just be my eyes), it's all harmless fun. I mean, it's not as if there's any more on show than in yer average top-shelf mag. And some of them birds are right famous too!

The Sad Case: Oh dear, oh dear. Unfortunately, this sort of program appeals to the voyeuristic schoolboy in all of us. See the game lying there, and you just have to load it up (to be honest, that's why I'm doing the review - I just had to try it out - and I felt so guilty I felt I had to own up by writing this review). But that's not to say this sort of thing should be encouraged - and certainly not bought. This program is well presented (the poker tactics themselves seem to reflect the perceived real life intelligence of the 'birds' on show - they're all really tragic at poker), but it's not good value. If you want to look at naked women you could buy about fifteen porn mags (or five months worth of the real Sport newspaper) for this price - hey, you could even show a real girl a decent(ish) night out.

It's easy to get all moral about this sort of thing, so I'll try not to. To be honest, this game does cater well for its audience - Daily Sport fans will probably lap it up - and so (just possibly) might you. But I didn't. Make your own minds up.

The Bottom Line

Well, it's fairly well programmed, and at least it ought to teach Sport readers how to play poker. Beyond that though, it stinks (and the in-game text messages from the 'stunnas' are hilarious).

And why is there a message disclaiming any involvement or endorsement from the birds in the game? Is using their images like this without permission legal? I think they should be told...

Mark Ramshaw

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