Amstrad Computer User

Continental Circus
By Mastertronic Plus
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #80

Continental Circus

Moving on to a totally different scene, experience nailbiting tension of a different kind in the totally brilliant Continental Circus.

The aim of the game is to prove to the big boys that you're good enough to be driving a Formula One race machine. To do this, you've got to complete eight gruelling tests of character, over eight different circuits, meeting your time requirements on each one to succeed.

From the word go, the clock is against you. Over the first track, your goal may not be too hard to achieve, but it gets progressively harder as you go on.

Continental Circus

Each time you fail, one of your four chances disappears in smoke, making you even more desperate to make the grade the next time around.

Get used to the controls of the car and simply go hell for leather against the clock.

Avoid collisions at all time, as they may cost you a life as well as valuable seconds. Getting into the pits helps, as the clock stops until you re-emerge onto the track but, try and soldier on without a pit stop and you'll find things getting very sticky inside your machine.

To make matters even worse, changing weather conditions can dramatically affect your car's roadholding. You have been warned.

Featuring some marvellous graphics, Continental Circus is a winner from the very start but, to know exactly what I'm on about, you've got to try it for yourself. You will not be disappointed.