Author: Geoff Bains
Publisher: Incentive
Machine: BBC/Electron

Published in Beebug #37


After all the publicity, you would be forgiven for thinking that Confuzion is something really special. It isn't. However, it is quite a good game that has some unusual features to it. You control a spark (!) travelling along miles of fuzewire (!!) and have to blow up the Confuzion Bombs (!!!) lying around a massive factory.

So far, so ordinary. However, the game is really a series of interactive sliding block puzzles. The fuzewire is laid in patterns across the sliding blocks and you must manoeuvre these so that the spark runs into the confuzion bombs along the outside. Needless to say, you have only a limited time to do this and (initially) only five sparks to destroy all the bombs in the factory. The evil owners of the Bomb factory have installed a sprinkler system on some of the factory levels. Your spark is extinguished on contact with water, and so this is a hazard to avoid.

Confuzion is both fairly addictive and taxing on the grey cells. Planning your route across the puzzles and avoiding the water droplets is not easy. It isn't a classic by any means, just quite good fun.

Geoff Bains

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