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By Mastertronic Added Dimension
Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #42


Ahh, the joys of moving house! But when a small creature named Oscar tried, he had absolutely no idea what was in store for him. Fresh from the estate agent, clutching the keys with the green ID tag still attached, he entered his new abode, unaware of the unsavoury house guests he had acquired with the property.

At first all seemed to be in order until some mysterious blobs started to form around him, taking on the appearance of the minions of none other than Demon Grell himself. Now these minions are really nasty pieces of work ranging from malformed demons, killer slugs and worst of all snakes, whose bite will result in certain death after a short period of time.

There is, however, a potion of healing which may be used to negate their bites and regain lost energy. Each one of these little creatures has only one desire and that is to drain your life-force until death occurs.


But not satisfied with claiming your life, Demon Grell will condemn your soul to walk the fires of hell for all eternity, which sounds far more exciting than this game.

Naturally Oscar is not too pleased by his new home being occupied by the Forces of Darkness, and instead of complaining to the estate agent he sets out to rid the place of these squatters himself. Not surprisingly, this is where you come in.

First of all, you must find a weapon or two as certain creatures are only affected by certain weapons. You might also identify on your marauding a peculiar-looking object that you'll soon recognise as a globe of invulnerability. This, needless to say, renders you invulnerable to the continuous battering provided by the minions.

The globe does have its drawbacks, though, the main one being you have to exit it to start serious blasting. Another one is that it runs down batteries faster than a Walkman. Oscar is controlled by joystick and an extremely awkward arrangement of keys which are used to access icons such as pick up and drop. The amount of time it takes to use them can often prove fatally long for poor Oscar who is left standing like a dead muppet.

The graphics are not up to much either, consisting of a poorly executed 3D effect and badly animated one-colour sprites. If you only have a few quid to spare, I suggest going for one of the better budget releases about.

Mark Patterson

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