Commodore User

Commodore 16 Games Book

Publisher: Melbourne House
Machine: Commodore 16

Published in Commodore User #19

Commodore 16 Games Book

Melbourne House has followed its success with "Games Books" for the Commodore 64 with a copycat offering for the C16. Although programs are arranged in order of sophistication, they're grouped in sections on the Contents page.

And there seems to be something for all tastes: evasion games, logic games, shoot-'em-ups, strategy games, adventures, gambling games - there's even a simulation called Looney Lander.

Listings are printed directly from a printer. There's no code conversion of graphic characters but they've been redefined better to resemble those on your keyboard. Spaces and colons are also clearly marked and there's a Chexsum (error checking) program with tables for each listing, so keying in should be no problem.

There's also some thoughtful features: like a screenshot (some of them not quite riveting) for each program, listings that are broken down into clearly defined sections and programming suggestions that should help you enhance and adapt what you've already typed in. Looks like a good buy.