Commodore User

Comic Bakery
By Imagine
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #30

Comic Bakery

Another in the Imagine/Konami series and before I say anything else let me tell you that this is, by far, the worst yet!

You play the part of Joe the baker, who has to protect his loaves from the bread-snatching Raccoons. If you think this sounds remotely interesting you would be wrong.

As the game loads, you will see a pretty title screen with some excellent music which may sound familiar if you own either Rambo or Transformers. There are no game options at the start other than "Press fire to play".

Comic Bakery

The screen is divided into two halves: on the top you have the scanner showing which machines you must turn on (because the trouble-making raccoons have turned them off) on the bottom half is you, Joe the baker, looking like a fat overpaid chef. This part of the game is wonderfully drawn with great use of colour. Your job is to save the factory with the aid of your "Racoon-Stunner"!!

The pests come from three different directions - left, right and above. They are all shootable but an extra bonus is earned by stunning the ones on the lower level and kicking them across the floor. This is by far my favourite part of the game.

The ones at the top pinch the loaves of bread which are rolling from machine to machine. Although I loathe the flea-bitten creatures, I must admit they are graphically perfect.

Comic Bakery

Another nice touch is when Joe bumps into a raccoon, which makes him jump, and double-up as if he had received a baseball-bat in the groin.

When you have helped to many loaves of bread to the safety of the van, a screen is shown with a picture of a baker's shop, which gives you a rating such as "Yeh" or "Fine". While you sit there, wondering what's next, don't bother, I'll tell you, absolutely nothing! Just the same boring stuff with a change of colour.

One word sums this up. As baker Joe so rightly says, "Ugh!" I couldn't agree more.

Ferdy Hamilton

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