Citadel (Superior) Review | Beebug - Everygamegoing


By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #39


Citadel is another in a line of graphic adventures which seem to be popular now. There will of course be comparisons with Castle Quest and Wizadore, although I believe that Citadel puts both of these in the shade.

There are well over 100 rooms which form a huge fortress, an island with a temple as well as a pyramid maze and witch's house. The loading screen graphics and software speech synthesis are amazing as are the complexity of the rooms and the variety of their graphics. The object of the game is to collect five crystals that are scattered throughout the game. Only one is initially visible; the rest require long chains of objects to be manipulated in true adventure fashion before they can be found.

Citadel combines arcade and adventure games so that clear thinking and nimble fingers are needed to get anywhere. I can think of no faults in the game and, in my opinion, Citadel is easily the best arcade-adventure on the market. There is not nearly enough room here for me to mention all the special features in the game.

As a further incentive, Superior Software are offering two cash prizes for the first people to complete various parts of the game.