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Chase H.Q. 2
By The Hit Squad
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #30

Chase H.Q. 2

You're a road-blasting ever-lasting fast-running good guy. At least, you would be if the graphics were up to the promise of the game. Chase HQ 2 is a poor emulation of the arcade original in every way.

It's acceptable to have a poor-handling car in this type of race'n'chase game, if the graphics are blisteringly fast [Are you sure? - Ed]. At least this soothes your need for speed. Unforgiveably, Chase HQ 2 fails on both counts, i.e. the car handles like a skateboard on ice and travels so slowly that it's in grave danger of being overtaken by granny-walker-equipped bounty hunters. If any such unlikely entities existed, that is.

The severe lack of gaming power is augmented in a uncomplimentary fashion with the comments of the bad guys when you finally succeed in catching them. The first crook, for example, says "Don't talk nonsense. I know nothing". In reality he would probably say something like "F*** off, you b*****d!"

They say bad things come in threes, don't they? Well, the third irritating thing about this decidedly trivial pursuit is the inordinate amount of disk swapping required between each pursuit. Lotus Turbo (choose any version you want!) moves faster than this, looks better than this, handles more ergonomically than this, and still doesn't require any disk swaps. The words 'sloppy', 'lazy' and 'disinterested' seem to sum it up just fine.

With that off of my chest, I'll fill you in on the good points. There aren't any. Even the meagre asking price of a tenner is far too much. Turbo Cup (remember that old gem?) get put out to pasture at a fiver. It still remains one of the best race-and-chase games on the circuit. [Steve, you're quite clearly mad. You're fired - Ed] Unless you bizarrely happen to belong to a select school of tenner-burning idiots, avoid Chase HQ 2 at all costs.

The Bottom Line

Miles better than the first Amiga Chase HQ, but that sill only makes it rubbish. Stick with a Lotus.

Steve McGill

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