Caveman Capers
By Icon
BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #32

Caveman Capers

BBC software entered the realms of true cartoon action with Aardvark's Frak!, and now Icon continue the trend for lovable characters and prehistoric settings with Caveman Capers. This is an everyday story of Ogg the caveman, who happens to be stranded late in the afternoon a long way away from his modest semi-detatched cave and loving wife.

Ogg then discovers a new means of transport - Kickstart the turtle. Can you help Ogg control the turtle, so that he can dash to the phone-box (in the stone age!) to let his wife know that he will be late home for tea.

Caveman Capers features 60 levels of action, with snakes, pterodactyls, toadstools, dinosaurs and other pre-historic hazards. The graphics are fast, smooth and well presented, especially when Ogg falls flat on his face.

Caveman Capers

The cassette is packaged neatly, with the instructions printed on the back of the insert. Icon seem to have put a great deal of time and thought into this piece of software, and have been rewarded with a most likeable game.

One small reservation to be made is about the layout of the score and title screen. This seems unnecessarily cramped, as there is plenty of spare space on the screen between the score and the actual action.

This is an amusing and cute game that is fun to play, and I have no hesitation in saying that it is the most enjoyable game that I have played for a long time.

Alan Webster

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