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Castle Of Eagles
By S&M Software
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #39

Castle Of Eagles

Castle Of Eagles be the product of a new software house, S & M Software. I suspect that the game is not available through normal outlets, but is obtainable direct from S & M at PO Box 332, London SE15 3LE. Cost is £4.95.

You play the part of an agent in the last World War. Parachuted into enemy territory, you must break into a fortified castle and photograph top secret plans that are vital to the Allied war effort.

Right from the start things go wrong. Your aircraft is shot up and your equipment has to be thrown out to lighten the load. You and your partner have to jump out much further from your objective than was planned, and he is killed on landing.

To find your way to the castle and get the equipment you need is no picnic. The snowy landscape that meets your eyes is treacherous and everywhere looks the same under that deadly white mantle.

Spotter aircraft must not see you, and wild dogs must be dealt with before you can get to your objective. There are vague impressions of

Alistair Maclean's Where Eagles Dare - but do not rely too heavily on this clue to solve the adventure.

My review copy had a few minor bugs. but hopefully these will have been ironed out of production copies. The game is written using Incentive's Graphic Adventure Creator and is well thought out. There are plenty of graphics, even if a lot of them look the same.

The initial stages through all that snow bring a chill to the bones. The puzzles are quite good, but I would have preferred a few more, even at the expense of fewer graphics.

It is good to see that individuals (?) are still prepared to try and take on the mega-producers of software, especially when they are adventures. Let's hope S&M learns and prospers.

Bill Brock

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