Amstrad Computer User

By Fair Means Or Foul

Publisher: Superior/Alligata
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #50

By Fair Means Or Foul

This is the first release from Superior Software since taking over Alligata - the first of many, we are told. The objective of By Fair Means Or Foul is simple, to defeat each of your opponents and become world champion.

You have fifteen rounds in which to win a bout. You can do this either in the normal way or, if the referee isn't looking, by giving your opponent a head butt, knee in the stomach, or even a kick in the groin.

Unlike the other boxing simulations, a knockout does not give you the bout, just a loss of one of your opponent's lives. When either of you loses all five lives, the bout is over. Another life is lost if the ref cries foul.

By Fair Means Or Foul

You control your player by a variety of joystick or keyboard moves.

The graphics, while not brilliant, are adequate for this type of game.

The background is just shadows indistinct figures will cry out in the form of speech bubbles, giving comments regarding your performance or some suggestions for the ref.

Sound effects are limited to the thwack thwack of the glove, boot or head.

There is not a lot to distinguish By Fair Means Or Foul from the boxing games that preceded it, except for the ability to help yourself by hitting below the belt. Know what I mean, Harry. (Sorry, couldn't resist it.)