Dragon User

Bubble Buster
By Pocket Money
Dragon 32

Published in Dragon User #030

Bubble Busters!

Bubble Buster is the second of two games that set you up at the bottom of the screen as a catcher trying to catch the falling objects. This is the version that works quite well.

The screen display is neat and clear, with the multi-leveled catcher at the bottom and the bubbles lined up at the top ready to fall.

Play commences nicely and the movement of the catcher is a very good form of proportionality. Proportional movement means basically that the catcher or rocket or whatever your character in a game is will come to rest in a position directly proportional to the position of the joystick in its frame within the boundaries of the dimensions of movement of the object. Directional movement on the other hand allows you to direct a force onto the object to make it move in the direction shown (however not all games obey the laws of physics - some objects tend to stop after the force is released!).

This game has proportional movement but does not jump from position to position; it chooses instead to glide, covering all intermediate points making control more precise if slower.

Sadly, however, this is not a good game - it just hasn't got what it takes. It is not challenging enough, and has no sophistication.

Another one for the growing EEC mountain of naff games.

Jason Orbaum

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