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Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge
By Martech

Published in Beebug #33

Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge

Well, I've just managed to beat Brian Jacks in the Superstar Challenge! How did I manage it in my far-from-fit state? It was all courtesy of Martech's latest computer game.

You compete in a total of ten events of skill, speed and stamina. In most events, two keys (Z and X) are hit (and I do mean hit) repeatedly to control the movement of your arms or legs. This applies in swimming, canoeing, 100 metres and squat thrusts. In swimming, you also have to remember to breathe every so often. In cycling other keys also change gear, while the arm dips require a manual dexterity that has to be felt to be believed. The archery at least gives you time to get your breath back.

The events are well displayed, and in most a Brian Jacks lookalike competes alongside you. The documentation is meagre but adequate, though there is little good coaching to be had here. You must work out the best techniques yourself.

I'm not really convinced that Brian Jacks' Challenge is really strong enough to keep me entertained for long, but simulations of sporting events are quite popular and this is one of the better ones. I should know. By now I must have the fittest fingers around!

Mike Williams

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