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By Beyond
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #32


Beyond claim Bounces to be the deadly sport of the future. (Wonder where they got that idea from... er, Ballblazer?) Anyway you are either, "Erik the Red" or "Sir Ashley Trueblood", Erik being a rather fierce looking Viking and Sir Ashley a gallant knight in shining armour.

The game is played in the "Bounces arena" which looks like our auntie's living room. You have a side view. There are "Goals (which look more like holes) above each warrior's head. Each warrior is attached to the wall behind him by an overgrown rubber hand - otherwise known as a "Plas-flexwire" which will pull you to the back wall causing your warrior to fall down and to lose precious stamina.

Your combatants are equipped with personalised body armour which doesn't really help to protect. Your warrior also wears roller boots with "Fric-toe-caps" which help against the force of the plas-flex-wire (not very successfully).

All this is given to you by your sponsor which is either "Viking - Synthi Corp" or "Knight Techni - Corp" depending on who you choose to be.

In your right hand you hold what is called a "Bounces ball snatcher" for catching and throwing the "Low - Grav Slugdomium sphere". (That means ball in plain English). The ball snatcher looks like one of those things that you used to use to throw and catch the ball on your Away-Day to Clacton at the beach. You can use the ball snatcher to throw and catch the ball in eight different directions.

The object of the game is to score more points that your opponent in a three minute bout - ninety seconds each way. There are various ways of scoring points. The highest scoring method is to shoot the ball in your opponent's goal. Or you can play dirty by either walloping them with your ball snatcher or firing the ball at them, you can also dodge the ball by jumping or ducking.

Although the sprites are neatly drawn they are just too small. When you first start playing the game you will probably notice that something is missing - variety perhaps?

The game is not really bad, but it lacks any sort of a challenge, once you have completed the first level you won't really want to continue playing despite the fact that there are five skill levels. Maybe they should have five different opponents instead. Anyway, yet again another good idea down the drain. Thank heavens for arcade conversions.

Ferdy Hamilton

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