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Commodore User

By Quicksilva
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #11


Manoeuvre Booga-Boo the jumping flea to the top of the cavern, avoiding the flying dragon and the Venus fly-traps. You can jump to the left or the right; the longer you keep the joystick in that direction the further you will jump.

The game sounds simple, but in fact it is very difficult to play: I couldn't escape once. The dragon seems to home-in on you - and it is very partial to eating fleas. And the fly-traps are positioned so that if you don't judge the strength of a jump correctly, you fall in.

The graphics on this game are wonderful: mushrooms, plants, ledges... practically everything is very well represented. The continual tune on the other hand is all right the first couple of games; but after that it gets annoying.

One gripe about this game is that it is preceded on the tape by a title-page program which serves no purpose whatsoeer. Why couldn't the credits have been put in the insert? But if you want a lasting challenge and don't mind being frustrated as you bite the dust again, this game is for you. Otherwise, I suggest you can find easier and better games.