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By Anco
Commodore 16/Plus 4

Published in Commodore User #32


Stuck for a game in the middle of the jungle. Anco had a bad idea and called it Bongo. Well, the advert for Umbongo jungle juice goes something like that anyway. Actually though, the game comes from Germany and is programmed by one Udo Gertz, who sounds like an obscure elektromusician.

The cover alone was incentive enough to load up the game and investigate. It comes with a woman displaying a bit of leg alluringly to a few rats whilst balancing on a stepladder. It certainly conjured up, all sorts of dirty ideas in my mind. Unfortunately the only truthful element of the packshot is the stepladder, it's a platform game.

Further investigation led me to wonder why the hell it was called Bongo et all. In the game your hero can use the words which are spelt out around the screen to jump around. The thing is, your hero has an enormous nose and do so the nasties. So why Bongo? I can only conclude that Manilow was too long for the C16's memory. Rumours of a 128 version called Streisand have been denied categorically.

The woman is displayed somewhere top left and you some baubles on the way. The graphics are solid and chunky which is a real pity because I hate the sight of a pair of pixely knees.

Otherwise expect all the normal features of a platform game. The only novelty is that you can redesign the screen slightly to create a bit of variety when you've cracked the first layout.

The high point of the whole thing is the so-bad-it's-good ripoff of Jam Hammer's duffo Miami Vice soundtrack. If you like platform games, fine. It left me cold.

Mike Pattenden

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