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Bomber Mission
By Commodore
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Commodore User #15

Bomber Mission

Eleven gauges plus a radar screen give the promise of an involved simulation. All the controls are accessed through the function keys and the joystick. You are given the choice of three targets, followed by a selection of payloads (various bombs and fuel pods) which should enable you to successfully complete your mission.

It's easy to take off and operate the flaps and undercarriage; setting course is just a matter of leaning on the joystick. Providing you've flown high enough at a reasonable cruising speed to conserve fuel and not suffered a terminal hit from the interceptors, the bombs can be released when the target distance reads zero.

The way the gauges and controls are explained within the program is fine but I had the uneasy feeling that there were a few bugs drifting around in the coding. despite two approaches and an eventual show of concern, Commodore did not supply a replacement copy: Draw your own conclusions.