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BMX Racers
By Mastertronic
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #11

BMX Racers

For the price, this is a surprisingly good and fairly original game. You're riding a motorbike through a park, trying to keep to the track whilst avoiding various hazards and another maniac biker who weaves in and out of the on-coming traffic, totally immune to disaster - just like going up the A1. Veer off the track and you're dodging through trees and shrubs. That's it really - the points total mounts up the further you get.

Graphics are pretty rudimentary, though - the C64 is capable of much more. Your bike doesn't really look like one and, unless you read the blurb, you wouldn't guess that one of the hazards is a granny throwing a stick at your wheels. There are no engine revving sounds either, just a discordant tune - better turn the sound down. Despite all that, manoeuvrability using a joystick is impressive. Definitely good value for a few hours.