Amstrad Computer User

By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #5


This was my first experience of a platform type game and I found Blagger to be difficult, addictive and very enjoyable. The game is quite slow paced, possibly too slow for the 'Zapp'em' fanatics, but then the art of this game is not speed but timing. You can use three keys to control the game but I prefer to wear out a joystick rather than my keyboard. The use of sound and colour is excellent as are the graphics and animation.

However, I went looking for the volume control soon after starting, partly due to a slight hesitation in the music on occasions of high drama on screen, but mainly because I have certain liking for Ragtime, and too much exposure to a good tune can make it pall.

The game is easy to play but I found it almost impossible to progress past screen four. I know of one younger player who passed this level but it took him about three weeks. If you leave the game to run by itself, it will obligingly preview all 20 screens for your delectation - about the only way I'll get to see them!

My verdict? Blagger is an ideal game for the family. Even Dads (and Mums) who can't see the point in it can play and stand a very good chance of matching the achievements of their offspring. I recommend you to buy it, try it and enjoy it! My only adverse comment is that Alligata have made no provision for an infinite lives/practice mode. It can be infuriating to be unceremoniously dumped back at screen one every time you lose the limited lives on later screens.

Megascores are magic but I'd settle for a chance to do some leaps and jumps on screens 5 onwards. Other software houses please note.