Amiga Power

Blade Warrior

Author: Mark Ramshaw
Publisher: GBH
Machine: Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #19

Blade Warrior

Old Jonathan Davies, he's a laid back kind of guy. So when he described Blade Warrior as 'possibly the most atmospheric game ever' way back in Issue 5 of Amiga Power, the rest of the Amiga Power team exchanged knowing glances, in no doubt that Blade Warrior must be really, really atmospheric. (Just as well really, because prior to its release Blade Warrior was mtnioned in hushed conversation for months on end, occasionally popping up then dipping disappointingly back into 'development' once again.)

And by golly gosh, just over twelve months later what should I find, but - yes! - an incredibly atmospheric game. All of Jonathan's comments about Blade Warrior pretty much hold up for this budget re-release. The moody graphics with all foreground action in shadow still works a treat (in a bizarre kind of way), and the beat-'em-up elements still feel a little too artificial when placed in a fantasy-spellcasting kind of scenario. The other minor problemette, that of size (or lack of it) is still something of a bummer.

But then, the scrolling, hacking arcade adventure has rarely looked or felt so different. And, um (searches around for something new to say about the game) what about that atmosphere, eh? As atmospheric games go, this one's definitely one of them.

Oh, look it's no good. There's not really that much I can say about this game that hasn't been said before - it's just one of those games which is easier to play than to describe. So why don't you just toggle along now, and do just that?

The Bottom Line

The Ridley Scott of computer games, Blade Warrior is all style and (thankfully) just enough substance. Ultimately slightly unsatisfying, and possibly more of a curiosity than a classic, but it's definitely the kind of quirky game which belongs in your budget collection.

Mark Ramshaw

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