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Bionic Commando
By Kixx
Amiga 500/600

Published in Amiga Power #4

Bionic Commando

In its day (1988 or thereabouts) this was feted as one of the better examples of the coin-op converter's art. It sounds quite exciting, but all that really proves is how little people were prepared to settle for in those early days (particularly when a game carried the tag of coin-op conversion), because this is absolutely dire.

The arcade original was novel and great fun, with the telescopic arm adding a new dimension to the platform genre, but in this conversion the all-important smooth scrolling has been replaced by a God-awful push scroll system which completely (and I really do mean completely) destroys the playability.

It's a shame, because the graphics are very faithful and the sound is fab, but the game is quite unbearable to actually play, and even £7.99 is too much to spend on some pretty pictures (pretty by 1988 standards, anyway) and groovy tunes. You'll give yourself a headache if you buy Bionic Commando so, um, unless you want a headache, don't bother.

The Bottom Line

Terminally flawed conversion that isn't worth considering unless you're a real masochist. More of a Chronic Commando than a Bionic one.

Stuart Campbell