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Beverly Hills Cop
By Tynesoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #65

Beverly Hills Cop

Guide Axel Foley through four stages of action ranging from car chasing to 3D baddy blasting.

Beverly Hills Cop was a monster success as a film, so I dare say Tynesoft was hoping that the game would be able to generate not inconsiderable sales on the back of it. Unfortunately for Tynesoft the hype and interest surrounding the film, and its sequel, has long since died down, rather depriving a worthy game of the oxygen of publicity.

Oh well, at least you know who the game is about, if not what. As a crusading journalist and wouldbe thespian I prepared for my role as Axel Foley meticulously. I swaggered around my living room waving a water pistol threateningly at my cat every time it tried to make a run for it, and practised sneering in the mirror while swearing profusely.

Beverly Hills Cop

Yes, well, I'm not surprised the Throgmorton Amateur Dramatic Society threw me out. Anyway, Bevs Hill Cop, starring mah main man Eddie Murphy, is a four part shoot-the-sucker-any-way-you-can flick. Luckily for those with disc drives, the disc version lets you play any of the sections individually or the whole game at one sitting, so even if you can't finish it, at least you get to see what's further on.

First section is strictly Robocop territory. Hoods in a warehouse are loading crates onto a van, and you have to blast your way through, ducking and dodging the returning fire. Unfortunately, unlike Robocop you don't have steel skin so you can expect to lose a few lives trying. Guys chuck dynamite, roll mines and come running at you like they want to feel their chest full of lead. Oblige them and keep moving. Graphics are pretty tasty, but the scrolling is a bit on the slow side.

On you go into Chase HQ territory and part two. Chase three vans up a road in your wheels, blasting away and avoiding the crates they throw out of the back. This level is distinctly pedestrian, and unlike other versions there aren't any other cars on the road. It may be slow but at least it doesn't take too long to complete. Now you're at the headquarters of the Boss, and you've got to get inside. The trouble is you're outside in the very large gardens (complete with maze), and there's over thirty hired guns waiting to send you to the city morgue.

Movement is in four directions (i.e. no diagonals), but shooting is thankfully in eight. The scrolling is terrible, but the graphics are nice and large, and the bodies fall over in a pleasant manner. It is hard though, 'cos death lurks round every privet. The final confrontation takes place inside the headquarters of Mr Big, with you searching out hostages and the man himself. Perspective is 3-D as you race around the different levels, charging into rooms. When a gunman appears on screen you stop moving and have to target a crosshair on him and open fire quite quickly to avoid sudden bloodloss.

Beverly Hills Cop is a nice package of four games in one, with none of them being outstanding, but they gel together coherently, provide a varied arcade challenge, and even the title music is quite passable.

Mark Ulyatt

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