Dragon User

Bean Stalker

Author: Jason Orbaum
Publisher: Microvision
Machine: Dragon 32

Published in Dragon User #037


This game was written by the man who wrote Jet Set Willy and Manic Miner. He is a brilliant programmer. This is a short review. In fact, this is a very short review.

Beanstalker is a Manic Miner type game with 60 screens, and intriguing dig instead of fill, an access code to please all hackers, and the smallest but, once accustomed to them, cutest set of graphics ever seen.

The game is wonderful, fabulous, plays well, looks fine, sounds groovy, packaged nicely, very addictive; a combination of skill and logic to test even the most intelligent player.

This was a very short review. With a game this good you can either rant about it for pages or simply say how good it is and stop talking, I'll stop talking now. Except to say buy it.

Jason Orbaum

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