Amstrad Computer User


Author: Jim Johnson
Publisher: The Hit Squad
Machine: Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Computer User #86


Bruce Wayne is out and about again, taking on the evil Jack Napier, alias The Joker, in this splendid outing from The Hit Squad.

Level 1 sees you battling through some dirty henchmen, as you fight your way to the exit of the factory. Use your Batarang and Batrope carefully to make good your escape, before going on to rescue Vicky Vale from the Flugelheim Museum.

Next you're out on the streets in the Batmobile, racing to avoid the police and The Joker's vehicles. Clever use of the grapnel will enable you to corner at lightning speeds, as long as your timing is right.

Batman The Movie

Back in the Batcave, some serious formula busting is required to thwart The Joker's evil plans, before emerging back onto the streets again to battle it out with the noxious balloons.

Make it through to the final confrontation in the Cathedral and you've certainly earned your Brownie points, in this fast-moving, well-defined action blast.

Well worth getting hold of if you didn't try it out on the full-price version.

Jim Johnson

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