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Bath Time
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #11

Bath Time

Described as a 'family' arcade game, this obviously misses the main market - especially as two joysticks are required and violence is eschewed. The game instead offers a contest and friendly rivalry between players (the one player option should really be considered as a practice run).

The Trout Quintet (Schubert) and the Dying Swan by Tachaikovsky mellifluously complement the pastel colour scheme to produce a restful ambiance. Perspective graphics are employed in depicting a square pool, containing a swan and a fish. If the water level rises high enough the swan swims away along a run-off: too low, and the fish perishes. One player turns on the selection of taps while the other opens the corresponding valves, trying to maintain an equilibrium. Complications arise when an elephant siphons off water or a boy with a pail pours some in.

That's it, apart from pre-selectable skill and speed levels. But graphics and sound are good: this program may well appeal to the more civilised amongst us.