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Commodore User

By Bug Byte
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #18


Automan, the game of the TV series, is well put together and of the high standard you'd expect from long established Bug Byte. In this episode the baddies have made an evil copy of Automan who zooms around Megacity planting bombs.

The first stage consists of a high-speed 3D car chase through the streets of Megacity. At some point evil Automan parks his car and turns off to plant his bomb in a building. You follow him into a Manic Miner style building, find the bomb and defuse it before it blows up. Evidence must also be collected at this stage in order to convict the creep behind it - affectionately known as The Lizzard.

I especially like the dual scenario - two games in one really. Worth buying.